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Bangma Legal Solutions' (BLS) mission is to exceed our client’s expectation by providing fast, effective and accurate deliveries of legal documents within a timely manner. BLS is the number one Ottawa Process Serving and also is a fully licensed Private Investigative Agency offering a full range of additional services.

Damon Bangma

Owner & Operator

Owner and Operator, Damon Bangma received a diploma in Police Foundations in 2005 from Algonquin College. He then graduated from Carleton University receiving a degree in Bachelor of Arts with specialization in Law. Having a successful track record in business and the want to utilize his education, the opportunity presented itself in 2009 with the realization that there was a high demand for lower pricing, immediate successful serving, efficient and accurate delivery of legal documents. Bangma Legal Solutions (BLS) ensures reliability due to its unique system which strives to meet and adapt to our clients' needs and wants.In 2012, BLS became a fully licensed Private Investigative Agency to help locate individuals to ensure successful services.This allowed for BLS to offer yet another service exceeding our client's expectations while offering faster turnaround times at a competitive rate. In 2014, BLS has grown and added 4 additional team members to keep up with client demand.

Rates & Services

Our firm has jurisdictions to practice law in the following areas:

Process Serving

Service Price
Fee for Service (Greater Ottawa-Carleton area) $55.00
(Within the City of Ottawa limits, including but limited to: Kanata, Nepean, Ottawa, Vanier, Gloucester, Orleans, Hull, Aylmer, Gatineau) Plus $0.65 per km
Second Service- When additional service required at same address $25.00
Affidavit of Service $ N/A
Commissioning of Document $ N/A
Preparation of Affidavit of Substitution Service (if necessary) $ N/A
Photocopy Charge $ 0.50 per page
Pick-up and Drop-off of document $ N/A
Wrong Address Fee $ 35.00
Attempted Service Fee $ 55.00 plus $0.65 per KM
Rush Service (same business day) $70.00 plus $0.65 per KM

*96% of Services are attempted and/or served within a 24hr time frame*

**Price list above are for Professional Clients. For Self-Represented Individuals - PLEASE CONTACT US FOR PRICE LIST**

Out-of-Town Services

Service Price
Fee for Service within driving distance from Head Office $125.00
Second Service- When additional service required at same address $40.00
Plus Mileage $0.65 per km
Rush Out-of-Town Service $145.00
Plus Mileage $0.65 per km

Out Sourcing with Agents all across North America

Service Price
Out Sourcing with Agents all across North America $125.00
Plus Mileage $0.65 per km
(From the Out Sourcing Agents location to the destination of Service)
Mailing Original documents with a return of the original Affidavit by agent $10.00-$40.00

Litigation Searches

Service Price
*Litigation, Bankruptcy, Bulk Sale Searches $35.00
Lien Searches/Criminal Counter Search $35.00
(Additional names at the same time $10.00 each. Search is from 1997 to present)

Court Filing

Service Price
Superior Court Filing, Family Division Filing, Small Claims Filing, $17.00
Estate Division Filing, Sheriffs Office (Obtain Certificate) $17.00
Rush Court Filings (client requests immediate filing) $30.00
Out-of-Town Filings All prices listed below include KMs
(L'Oringal $165.00, Cornwall $175.00, Brockville $185.00, L'Oringal $165.00, Pembroke $230.00,Perth $155.00)

Federal Court Filing:

Service Price
Trial Division Filing $35.00
Immigration Filing $35.00
Supreme Court of Canada $35.00
Registry Office Filing $35.00
Authentications (24 hour turnaround time available to Toronto clients) $65.00
Attend Foreign Affairs $65.00 (Flat Rate)
Attend Embassy $40.00 per trip
Rush Service Fee (same business day) $25.00

Private Investigator Rates

Service Price
Private Investigating $55.00 per hour + $0.65 cents per kilometer (if applicable)
Wait TIme $55.00 per hour
License Plate Abstracts $150.00
***After 10 hours hourly rate drops to $45.00 per hour + $0.65 cents per kilometer (if applicable)***

Other Services

  • Video Surveillance
  • Mobile video surveillance
  • Serving Documents
  • Employee Background Checks
  • Financial records
  • Driving Records
  • Criminal History
  • Property Ownership
  • Assets
  • Possible debts and judgments
  • Business profiles
  • Employment/Academics
  • Activities check
  • Death Claim Investigations
  • Undercover investigations relating to employee internal thefts
  • Insurance Fraud & Claim Investigations
  • Death investigations
  • Witness Interviews & Statements
  • Witness Location
  • Missing Persons
  • Marriages, and divorces

Background checks and document retrieval varies in cost from $20.00 – $250.00


Our head office is in Ottawa, Ontario Canada. We have process server and private investigator agents across the country and internationally. If you need any one of our services in Canada:


  • ANY Province/Territory
    (613) 850-5413

Ottawa Head Office

  • Ottawa, ON
    116 Albert St #300, K1P 5G3
    (613) 850-5413
    Can Call 24 Hours


  • Service Internationally
    If you need any service completed internationally, one of our agents will gladly complete your service within our designated time frame.

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